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with our third house drawing in the Caribbean - win your dream

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Our first + second house drawing-Caribbean tooken place as is known successfully in Samana
in presence of the mayor and with an on-line live transmission

Fulfil your Caribbean dream and enjoy the easy-going lifestyle far away from the daily routine. Begin every day in the year with sunshine and a breakfast on your terrace with wonderful, unobstructable clear views over the surroundings.

Your winning chance in this raffle is some thousandfold higher than with 6 right numbers in a lottery, not only about 1:15.000.000 (1:15 Millions) but better than 1:2.000 (1:2 thousand).

Contrary to other house raffles you do not only receive a ticket but additionally a holiday voucher which has a value of Euro 49,- also if you are not the winner.

This special offer is made possible exactly as with our first two drawings with the support of different hotel residencies for the acquiring of new holiday guests and for the support of tourism on Samana. The voucher is valid independently from redeeming the voucher.

Notarially drawn is a nice apartment for up to 4 persons with a nice garden, a pool directly in front and unobstructable clear views. In the town Las Galeras on the peninsula Samana, the most beautiful part of Dominican Republic - one of the 10 most beautiful of the world.
  •         This is YOUR CHANCE - a super winning chance of only 1:1999
    1st prize: The Dream-Apartment with garden and pool.
  • 2nd prize: 3 weeks stay in a caribbean, heavenly holiday residency for 2 persons.
  • 3rd prize: 2 weeks stay in a caribbean, heavenly holiday residency for 2 persons.
  • Returnflight to a ceremonial hand over of the apartment inclusive!
  • You can only win! The lucky ticket is included in the holiday coupon without any additional cost.
  • You have no risk. You don´t buy only a lot but also a holiday coupon which is worth more than 49 €.

Now in this notarially supervised raffle you have a real chance to fulfil your dream of a life in the Caribbean. Or you rent the apartment to vacationers (at the moment for up to 70,- Euro per day, according to season) or at the guaranteed fixed price to the residence. Of course you can also sell the home again.


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  • May, 18, 2014

    Less than 37,- Euro per participation,
    and every 50th lot wins one week Caribbean vacation

    Since the two weeks Caribbean vacation were not won on the last special draw, from now on until further notice I spend several Caribbean vacations.
    Immediately all lot numbers ending with the numbers 50 and 00 wins automatically one week Caribbean vacation for 2 people and additional 7 free lots for the main draw of the dream property with pool, which I still want to organize this year.
    And in addition is valid until revoked a 4-for-3 discount. Who acquires 3 participations simultaneously receive a fourth for free. This corresponds a price of less than 37,- Euro per participation, what has caused solely by the accommodation voucher a value of 50,- Euro each.
    Now let's see if we will not have a new propperty-winner of my caribbean-house-raffle before next Christmas.
    Best regards from the Samaná Peninsula in the Caribbean
    Your Franz Duennebier
A house raffle, no matter whether in the Caribbean or somewhere else in the world is a current trend. House raffles are not only existing in Munich, Austria, Spain, Majorca or Greece but also in the US, Canada and the Dominican Republic on the peninsula Samana house raffles are a topic today. Things like dream houses, villas, houses, apartments or bungalows are raffled off and can be won. Press and media as the ‘SUN’ and ‘BBC TV’ already reported intensively about current house raffles. The house raffle is a real alternative to just selling as not only one person has to get the purchase price together but with a house raffle a lot of people only give a small amount. Moreover for the participants the winning chances with a house raffle are much better than with a pure lottery or other games. In non-European foreign countries as for example in the Dominican Republic house raffles are no problem at all. Many house owners already seized this idea of a house raffle. The house raffle is the sales trend of the future. And the house raffles are the best winning chance for the participants.

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