and rules for the "coupons with lucky ticket"

Each person worldwide having ended their 18th year and are qualified to take part in such an event according to the laws in the country of residence. Generally these are all persons being full age and legally capable.

Condition of participation is moreover to have read the entry rules, conditions and all corresponding information on these sites and to accept these by the ‘registration’.

Furthermore it is a condition to participate to answer truly and correctly concerning the data being asked for. Wrong answers lead to a loss of all demands from the participation.

Through permanent changes of the circumstances with house drawings it happens that terms and conditions need to be adapted / changed. Therefore it is part of the conditions of participation to find out at least once a week on our press & news page about possible occurred changes. A not contradicted change of the participant within 2 weeks after publication is valid as accepted by the participant.

To participate it is at first necessary to register without obligation and free of costs. Your participation is not confirmed until payment within 14 days. If the correct payment is not made, no opposite claims or duties exist.
Assigned lot numbers which payment is made only after the announcement of the winning numbers drawn are not valid and therefore they cann´t win. Not the time of payment arriving is important (that can be also after the raffle), but the moment of initiating the payment (eg, time of online order is placed to the bank) has to be before the winning numbers are drawn.


You still need a present (birthday, engagement, marriage, jubilee, opening, etc.) for one of your friends? How about a “holiday coupon with lucky ticket”? Give away the winning chance for our dream home! Our “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” can also be given away or transferred to others. Here you come to the gift coupon of caribbean-house-raffle.

House raffles are especially liked in Austria and the US. Because of the incredibly high winning chances in raffles of houses and villas this attracts a lot of people magically. If for example a house raffle is compared to a lottery than you will quickly notice that the house raffle is clearly preferred. The idea of a house raffle is from the US as new trends often are. There it is much liked and very successful. Also in Europe house raffles find more and more followers especially in Austria. The first successfully finished house raffles have been broadcasted in TV and certainly there will be even more house raffles in the future which will be finished successfully. Our first house drawing-Caribbean took place on the 31st of January, 2010 and was broadcasted live and as the first house drawing at all on-line. The success proves house drawings right. Certainly the house raffle is the marketing concept of the future.