The "coupons with lucky ticket"

information and conditions for the holiday coupons

The price for the here offered “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” is 49,- Euro per piece.

The proof for owning a holiday coupon is made by the owner by his name, the personal identification number given to him after registration on these sites and the coupon respectively ticket number sent after payment. The redemption can be done by the e-mail address informing about your coupon respectively ticket number.

Each “holiday coupon with lucky ticket” entitles 2 persons (of course 1 person can also use it alone) for a free accommodation in a holiday resort with pool on the peninsula Samana, the most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic, however only in combination with a further, regular accommodation for the price of 50,- Euro which is seasonally independent.

In some of the redeeming holiday resorts additionally 2 persons also up to 2 children can be accommodated additionally without further costs (please inform with redemption).

The accommodation coupons are valid immediately after receipt, until December 1st. 2018.
No further costs for accommodation and use of the lodging (consumption contribution, etc.) occur in combination with the “holiday coupon with lucky ticket”. The costs for food, tour trips, journey are not part of the accommodation coupons.

Also several holiday coupons can be linked. Accordingly you can extend your right for a stay by purchasing several “holiday coupons with lucky tickets” and at the same time multiply your winning chance for the house. As for every further coupon you will receive an additional ticket.

Different holiday resorts on the peninsula Samana are available – each at least on a 3 star level. When redeeming your coupon we will be able to tell you which of the resorts can be booked as this depends on the current booking situation for the desired booking period. For the booking itself the corresponding conditions of the allocated resort are valid.

If due to parallel booking requirements or other circumstances not being caused by the booking person a booking should not be possible after 3 attempts to do so, which have to be effected in temporal intervals of at least 3 months, you will have a right to have the validity period of the coupon prolonged for at least 2 further years from the moment of the third failed reservation, or you will be refunded with the full price of your coupon. The prolonged validity period is based on the same conditions as the original.

The holiday coupons are at any time (also after the raffle) transferable to other persons as far as they are given as presents and without costs. A prolongation of validity respectively reimbursement of transferred holiday coupons is not possible.

Please inform us of the dates of the presentee if you transfer it – as far as you do not use the print version of our gift voucher. You can also give presents to different persons. Please write the corresponding coupon and ticket numbers to the dates of the presentees. No more than 10 holiday coupons are allowed to be transferred to one person. Also if a person is presented by several persons the limit will not be higher than 10.

Small individual vaccation ressort in Samaná

Here with the house drawing-Caribbean you can take part free of charge in our second house drawing in the Caribbean. The concept is - exactly as with our first house drawing-Caribbean - conceivably simple. Who cannot sell his/her house currently, simply raffles it within a raffle. In the world wide web you will find specialised service providers offering raffles who will manage your personal raffle professionally. Further on there are platforms in the web dealing with the topic house raffles. Also special forums and blogs for private raffles can be found in the web.