Frequently asked questions and answers!

Here your will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from participants. Should you have more questions please read the participation and raffles rules. If there are still questions you are welcome to use our contact form .


Will I buy a ticket for the house raffle or a holiday coupon for 2 persons?
You will receive one of in total only 1999 tickets without cost to participate in the house raffle. You will however buy a holiday coupon (1 accomodation for 2 persons in a 3 star holiday resort or better). This is regulated by the legislator in different countries as a raffle including bets with costs is partly declared as a forbidden game of luck.

Is the public available at the drawing?
The raffle will be realized in public by a notary and the local press is available. The international press is also invited.

How can I reach the place to take over my win prize?
The winner will receive a cost free return ticket.

Will the object be completely transferred to my property?
Yes you will be the only owner and person entitled of the estate.

Are there still any rights from third parties on the raffle object?
No, the estate will be transferred clear.

Will I be allowed to sell the estate?
Yes it will be your property and is therefore completely to your disposal. Of course you can sell it again.

Can I also transfer my price to a third party?
Yes it is your unlimited property.

Is the property fully equipped?
Yes it is fully equipped and ready for occupancy.

How long will it take until I can move in from the day of the drawing?
You can move into your new property one week maximum after the drawing of the winning number.

How long can I wait until I will have to assume my prize?
You have to register for your prize within 4 weeks after the drawing. Afterwards you have up to one year to assume the prize and take over the property respectively to let it take over by someone you authorized to do so.

Can I also withdraw from my right if I would be the winner?
Yes but this will certainly not be done by anyone.

When does the property belong to me?
In principle you are the new owner immediately after the drawing of your ticket number. The property transfer (circumscription in the land registry office, circumscription of the proprietary title with the necessary contract formalities, etc.) takes some weeks.

Which pre-conditions have to be fulfilled to be house owner in the Dominican Republic?
You have to be 18 years. There are no further pre-conditions.

Which costs will I have if I should be the winner for the conveyance of the property?
No costs at all. All costs for conveyance as notary costs, circumscription costs and title fees as well as the real estate transfer tax will be taken over by the current owner.

Which running costs arise for me as the new owner?
The whole monthly operating costs for the home is less than 100 Euro per month, plus your own of consumption of electricity (at the moment 0.35 euros / kW and gas to for cooking (max. 10 Euro / month). Moreover there will be costs for electricity, maybe telephone, web, etc. according to your needs and consumption. Up to now there are no costs for insurances and are not customary in this place. Yearly real-estate tax only occur for properties being unusually expensive. This beautiful apartment is clearly under the exemption limit.

Who guarantees that everything will be run properly with the drawing?
To ensure that no irregularities will occur during the drawing and moreover with the property, the lawyer and notary ‘Dr. Pedro Anastacio de la Cruz Geronimo’ has been awarded the contract to check all proprietary documents of the estate as well as supervision of the total drawing process. He will also transfer the house including proprietary title to the winner.

Will my data be kept confidentially?
Yes, except the name of the winner which will be published on our web site no data of participants will be submitted to third parties and after the end of the complete event all data will be deleted. (with the exception of the relevant data for the accommodation coupons).

How many tickets participate in the drawing?
Only 1.999 „holiday coupons with lucky tickets“ will be sold. Each of the coupons includes a cost free ticket. Therefore only 1.999 tickets participate in the drawing. And one of this tickets will win this home like a dream.

How many “holiday coupons with lucky ticket would I have to buy theoretically to win in each case?
1.999 “holiday coupons with lucky ticket.”

How are my winning chances in comparison to other raffles?
The chance for a ‘6’ in the lottery is 1:15.000.000 (1:15 millions). Your winning chance here is several thousandfold higher and is for a single ticket with 1:1999 (better than 1:2 thousand). If you have several “holiday coupons with lucky tickets” you will participate with several raffle tickets in the drawing by which the winning chance is of course rising considerably. So the winning chance is 1:666 with 3 tickets and 1:286 with 7 tickets.

How can I participate in the raffle?
With the purchase of one or several “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” you will automatically participate in the raffle. If you fulfil the conditions of participation and accept the rules published on this sites, fill in the fields under ‘registration’ and send it. Generally you will then immediately, at the latest within 24 hours, receive an e-mail with your personal identification code and the bank account for the purchase of your “holiday coupon(s) with lucky ticket.” Then you will arrange for the money transfer mentioning your personal identification code corresponding to the number of the “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” you desire. Each of your accommodation coupons has its own, unique ticket number between 0001 and 1999 and participates automatically in the raffle.

How many “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” can I buy?
According to how many „holiday vouchers with lucky ticket“ you wish, you pay in one single amount the suitable sum, which results from the desired number multiplied with 49,- Euro. Examples: 1 “holiday coupon with lucky ticket” = 49,- €, 2 “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” = 98,-€, 3 “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” = 147,- €, etc.

Can I give a „holiday coupon with lucky ticket“ to friends and/or relatives?
Yes you can give your „holiday coupon with lucky ticket always, also after the raffle (then of course only the holiday coupon without lucky ticket) to others.

Can I do several money transfers with on identification code?
No you can only use the sent personal indentification code for one transfer. For a further transfer, if for example you only did a transfer for on “holiday coupon with lucky ticket”, but you would like to purchase more, you have to register again.

When can I register again?
You can always register yourself again at any and receive another personal identification code for your renewed payment.

What happens if I would like to cancel my purchase of a “holiday coupon with lucky ticket”?
Contrary to the generally valid conversion right for online purchases this is not existing for the purchase of a right of abode. The purchase of an accommodation coupon once fulfilled cannot be reconverted.

Will it be necessary that I’m personally available at the drawing?
No. Of course you can be present personally but you don’t have to. The supervising notary has the function of a representative for each single ticket owner not being able to be present personally.

Is it a public drawing of the winning number?
The raffle and the drawing of the winner will be done publicly under presence of the local press. Also the international press will be invited to attend the drawing. Additionally it will also be shown online per video on our web site. Due to this each interested person can attend the drawing online from each PC in the world with web access. The winning number is published together with the name of the winner on our homepage immediately after the drawing.

What happens exactly when the drawing takes place?
The drawing will be done publicly under presence of a notary and the press and also be shown online per video on our web site. Similar to the Dominican “Lotteria Nacional” the winning number will b drawn out of 4 transparent boxes. There is one box with balls for each number of the 4 digit winning number, containing the numbers which cannot be seen from outside to get the winning number. One after another one number of the 4-digit winning number is drawn. In the thousands box there are only four balls with each 2 numbers ZERO and ONE, as the winning number can be smaller than 1000 and not higher than 1999. In the other boxes each 10 balls with the numbers ZERO to NINE can be found. If the drawing determines the non-existing winning number 0000 a new winning number will be drawn. The resulting 4 digit number is the winning number which owner is the owner of the raffle object.

How will I get informed of my prize?
The drawing will be seen on our homepage by video and the winning number is published together with the name of the winner immediately after the drawing on our homepage. In addition, the winner receives the good news by e-mail - also immediately after the drawing.

What will I receive for a “holiday coupon with lucky ticket”?
You will receive accommodation for one day for two person in a 3 star holiday resort (or better) in the Caribbean on the peninsula Samana. Additionally to your coupon you will receive a cost free ticket to participate in the house raffle

Is the number of the “holiday ticket with lucky ticket” at the same time also the ticket number for the raffle?
Yes, the number is identical for the coupon and the raffle and each number only exists once.

Will there be a bet for me additionally to the purchase of the coupon?
No each “holiday coupon with lucky ticket” will automatically and without bet participate in the house raffle.

Will my accommodation coupon will be valid in any season?
Yes you can redeem your coupon in each season provided they are free capacities.

How long will my coupon be valid?
Without any restriction the coupons will be valid until Dicember 1st 2018.

Where will the coupons will be redeemed?
The coupons will be redeemed here with the organizer on www.caribbean house and the event “holiday coupon with lucky tickt”. For accommodation holiday resorts on the peninsula Samana are available which fulfil at least the quality standards of a 3 start resort with pool. The accommodation is made according to corresponding capacity – similar to ‘Glückshotel’ with Neckermann.

Can I redeem several coupons one after another?
Yes you can redeem as many coupons as you like one after another as far as you stay 2 days for each coupon, whereof the first day of each is free due to the coupon and the second will be charged to a special price of 50,- Euro independent from the season.


Due to the economic crisis it became more and more difficult for house owners to find a buyer for the own estate. Therefore the idea of a house raffle came up. The principle of the house raffles is very simple. If someone alone cannot afford the purchase price many can pool expenses and one of them wins the house in a raffle. The first raffle in Europe has already been sold out after 3 days and also the first raffle in Austria has been successful after a few days already. And also we could conclude successfully our first house drawing-Caribbean on the 31st of January 2010. This shows again that each crisis can be overcome with innovative ideas as for example house raffles. Currently there are house raffles in Austria, Spain, Germany (as a lottery), Greece, England, the US and the Caribbean. In Spain the house raffle Majorca could already be finished successfully. In the house raffle Caribbean the chance is 1:4999, with a six in the lottery 1:15000000 (1:15 millions).