Gift coupon – fancy present idea

Dear interested persons,

certainly you also have sometimes the problem not to know directly what to give for birthdays, weddings, jubilees, etc.
With a holiday voucher including a lucky ticket for the house raffle in the Caribbean you always have an extraordinary present suitable for every occasion.
Here we designed a present voucher for you that you can print and write on.
So within a few minutes you will have an impressive not daily present at hand.
Proceed to "Buy now" and register. After receipt of your identification number and voucher/ticket number you can print your voucher, add it with the necessary dates, put it into an envelope and you will already have your vry special present.

We wish you and the presentee much joy and luck!


Here you can download and print the voucher
as PDF


Here with the house drawing-Caribbean you can take part free of charge in our second house drawing in the Caribbean. The concept is - exactly as with our first house drawing-Caribbean - conceivably simple. Who cannot sell his/her house currently, simply raffles it within a raffle. In the world wide web you will find specialised service providers offering raffles who will manage your personal raffle professionally. Further on there are platforms in the web dealing with the topic house raffles. Also special forums and blogs for private raffles can be found in the web.