How does the „coupon with lucky ticket“ and the raffle work

1. Just register without obligation and cost free under "REGISTER"/“BUY NOW” (please fill in the data fields there and send). You will reserve your possible participation for 14 days without any obligation.

2. Afterwards you will receive your personal identification code and a list of the payment possibilities (ePayment, Europe-transfer or international transfer).

3. You will pay an optional number of “coupons with lucky ticket” with indication of your identification code by the way of payment being best for you.

4. After receipt of payment you will receive one ticket number for each 49,- Euro by e-mail which is also your holiday coupon together with your identification code.

5. Your holiday coupon can immediately be redeemed after receipt of the ticket number at the e-mail address indicated below.

6. Among only 1.999 tickets the winning numbers will be drawn one after another at the raffle.

The lucky ticket provided additionally and cost free to the here offered accommodation vouchers is part of a raffle without bet - as for example winning number in coke lids or "monopoly" with Mc Donalds! The raffle is supervised by a notary and is done publicly and transparent. The local press is present and also the international press will be invited

1. Prize:
The wonderful, unencumbered home with garden and pool in front of it
as well as a free return flight for the ceremonious handing over of the prize!

2. Prize:
3-week Caribbean vacation for 2 persons in a heavenly holiday residency!

3. Prize:
2-week Caribbean vacation for 2 people in a heavenly holiday residency!


The current trend from the US, the so called house raffle, in German ‚Haus-Verlosung’ or ‘Haus-Verlosungen’ in the Caribbean or worldwide are very much in demand now. There are house raffles in Munich, Austria, Spain, Majorca and Greece. Raffled are estates like dream houses, villas, houses or bungalows. Press and TV already reported intensively about current house raffles. The house raffle is a real alternative to just selling or to a lottery. In the Dominican Republic the house raffle is no problem at all. Many house owners worldwide have already seized the idea of a house raffle and plan further house raffles. We ourselves carried out the first house drawing-Caribbean successfully on the 31st of January 2010.