Information concerning initiator and manager for this event
as well as concerning the notary being responsible
for supervision and handling of it!

Initiator & Manager

Editor of these sites and person responsible for the raffle, of the apartment being clear at the moment of handing over and redemption of the holiday coupons is:


F. Duennebier
Casa Hemingway
Rio Los Cocos, Samana
Republica Dominicana




Lawyer and Notary

Jointly responsible with a supervising function is lawyer and notary:


Dr. Pedro Anastacio de la Cruz Geronimo
Maria Trinidad Sanchez 16 - C altos
Santa Barbara de Samana
Republica Dominicana






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F.Duennebier and - Malbert, Alex Bramwell, Radovan Kraker, Christian Wheatley

As often with new trends the idea of a house raffle comes from the US. There it is very successful and liked. The raffling of houses also finds more and more followers in Europe, especially in Austria. The first successfully finished house raffles, broadcasted in TV were only the outriders. There will be further successful house raffles. Very much liked are estates in a house raffle in Austria and in the US. The very high winning chances in the raffle are attractive for many people. Comparing the house raffle with a lottery for example the advantage of a house raffle can quickly be seen. The winning relation from one to a lot of millions in a lottery and only one to a few thousand in a raffle clearly is an advantage for the house raffle. The house raffle is the marketing concept for premium goods in the future.