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We cordially invite the international press to get a real idea of the event and the property being raffled. After having arranged an appointment we will be glad to provide accredited reporters with an accomodation without costs for one week.
Please send requests of reporters mentioning the corresponding newspaper with a clearly meaningful e-mail address to:

We kindly ask you to understand that we cannot answer to requests where e-mail addresses cannot be clearly recognized as press senders. Requests of senders as for example … or …, etc. to this e-mail address here can unfortunately not be answered. Requests not belonging to press have to be done via the request form.

Latest news & informacion

  • January, 6, 2018

    This year already ends our third Caribbean house raffle!

    We do not stop doing everything, after our first two successful home raffles on Samana, to bring our current, third house raffle in Samana this year to a successful end and have another real estate winner.
    Also remember to use your holiday vouchers and explore the Samana Peninsula as it really is. At its best side. As an individual tourist in your personal beachnear holiday apartment with pool. Such can be your property soon.
    Purchase the last vouchers for your dream holiday and the super-chance of winning this phantastic property in one of the 10 most beautiful regions in the world.
    For the final spurt of our house raffle we wish everyone a lot of excitement and fun.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • March, 20, 2017

    Enjoyable news at the caribbean-house-raffle!

    Since hackers had caused great problems with the online presence of our site, which are now fortunately resolved, we have changed the rules to exchange our holiday vouchers.
    Together with this change we have also extended the validity for the redemption of the holiday vouchers by another year.
    So if you want to make cheap Caribbean hollidays on Samana in this or in the next year and additionally you want the chance to win our beautiful property with pool, you should now quickly secure your participation/s.

  • March, 15, 2017

    Finally online again

    After a hacker attack our site was offline for a while.
    We are happy to be online again now for our participants and those who want to be one.
    There will be more news soon.
    I wish all of you good luck, and of course a fantastic Caribbean holiday on Samana
    Yours, Franz Duennebier

  • January, 17, 2016

    Very good news for all Friends of the Caribbean!
    The validity of the holiday vouchers have been extended

    All participants who could not take advantage of their holiday vouchers can be happy about this good news now.
    The validity of all issued in this house raffle holiday vouchers was extended with immediate effect.
    The vouchers can now be redeemed almost 2 full years for free holidays.
    And that until the beginning of December next year 2017.
    So now we hope every owner of our accommodation vouchers nor the opportunity to redeem his vouchers and enjoy an individual holiday in Samana in the Caribbean.
    And also the new participants have sufficient time to get knowing the most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic, the peninsula of Samana, in the form of unforgettable Individual holidays.

  • December, 12, 2015

    All the best for each of you

    We wish you a wonderful christmas time and a helthy and lucky year 2016. Se you soon with the mayor raffle of our caribbean-house-raffle.

  • Oktober, 29, 2015

    Shortly before the end no more special offers at the house raffle Caribbean

    Only a short time to draw the beautiful property with swimming pool in paradise.
    Therefore, there is no more special offer.
    However, there are still some participations for sale for the regular price of 49,- Euro each.

    As surely known almost everyone, one participation is a holiday voucher for a free night in the most beautiful holiday resorts in Samana, redeemable until December next year.

    And also part of each participation as a free ticket to win the main prize, which is now in this raffle a large Caribbean apartment with pool.

    Join them now. By buying of multiple participations you will have a wonderful Caribbean vacation and bigger chances to win the the great property in paradise.

  • September, 23, 2015

    The special offer with aditional participations for free is closing soon

    We are near by the planed draw date and there are not a lot of participations for sale.

    Therefore, you can use only until October 20th the following offers:

    1 voucher for a free day (24 hrs.) caribbean vacation in the most beautiful holiday resorts in Samana, including 1 lucky ticket to win our 2 room apartment with pool in the peninsular of Samana - for 49,- Euro.
    3 vouchers for 3 free days caribbean vacation, including 3 lucky tickets for the major prize - for just 98,- Euro (buy 2, get 3).
    7 vouchers for 1 free week vacation in paradise, including 7 lucky tickets to win your caribbean apartment with pool - for just 196,- Euro (buy 4, get 7).

    After October 20th, you can still continue for a short time with acquire participations, but then only for 49,- Euro each without the aditional free participations.

    Use now the only momentarily valid offer, to extend your free vacation and get a higher chance of winning your dream property in paradise.

  • April, 28, 2015

    There are good and bad news!

    First the bad:
    I had until the end hoping for the big RUN what I had with both of my previous house raffles always just before the draw. Here it was out of this and I have to give up hope, that on the last day before the draw will be sold sufficient participations to reach the minimum sales of 1,500 participations. Therefore, I must now move to the second and last time the drawing date. I give the new date known at this point when it´s shure.
    Now the good news:
    Every special actions and special prices will stop now and I will give free participations for multiple buyers.
    1 participation (1 Night Voucher includes ticket for the house raffle)
       still costs 49,- Euro.
    2 participations cost accordingly 98,- Euro,
       except that there is a third participation aditional free of costs.
    4 participations costs 196,- Euro,
       plus there are given 3 more, free participations.
    This new and previously best deal is valid until withdrawal.

  • April, 16, 2015

    The main draw will take place on Wednesday, April 29th at 8 pm Middle European Time
    as with the first two draws in the Restaurant Chino in Santa Barbara de Samaná.

    There are only a few participations for sale
    and on April 28th the registration form will be closed.
    Then until the main draw at the next day no more participations are possible.

    Payments, not received until the day of drawing, will not take place at the draw and will be transferred back without deduction after the draw.

    Hurry now and increase your chances by multiple participations,
    which gives you also by not winning a great Caribbean vacation in any case!

    Until April 28th still applies:

      49,- € for 1 accommodation Voucher  (2 days for 2 pers.)   incl. 1 lot  (Chance 1: 1999);
      98,- € for 3 accommodation vouchers (6 days for 2 pers.)   incl. 3 lots (Chance 1: 666);
    199,- € for 7 accommodation vouchers (14 days for 2 pers.) incl. 7 lots (Chance 1: 286);

    See you soon, and best regards
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • January, 23, 2015

    Gearing up for the Easter drawing - my thanks

    As the next feast of gifts and surprises the Easter Bunny in the month of April is coming. And I am particularly pleased to announce this today as drawing date for my third house rafflen.

    There are not many participations available. Because that I have to cancel my special action with a price of only 78,- Euro for 2 participations (39,- per participation) shortly.
    I will post the end of this action in a short time here at this point. Who want to participate with the special price of "2 participations for only 78,- Euro" of the still valid action should hurry now.

    I would like to thank all my loyal subscribers, who have supported me in this third house raffle.
    Many of them was also part of my first and second house raffle.

    But I don´t want to thank them only with words, but also in deeds.
    Therefore, I offer for those who already have one or more participations of my third house raffle, the purchase of 3 participations for only 99,- Euro.
    That is with a price of only 33,- Euro per each participation my "thank you" for YOUR faithfulness.
    This requires that you enter one number of your existing lot numbers in the field "action-code" when registering and register with the same name or the same email address as in the present, be entered lot number.
    This offer can be used multiple times, for example, for the purchase of 6, 9 or 12 participations.

    All "new" participants may use for a short time the offer "2 participations for 78,- Euro".

    I wish goog luck for all old and new participants
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • November, 29, 2014

    Just before the main draw of this dream apartment with pool
    I do not offer any new special actions.

    Nevertheless continue to apply my offer of a free participation for people with birthday in October, November and December, and a free participation for those, who will give 13,- Euro donation for the needy of my region.
    And the special price of only 39,- Euro per participation at simultaneous acquisition of two appearances together for 78,- Euro.
    For more detailed information, please see my last report of October 24th 2014. The there written Date of Payment from November 18th is changed until December 19th.
    I still hope that the minimum number of sold participations is reached before Christmas and one of you can be brought on Christmas Eve with this beautiful dream property with pool.
    I wish all old and new participants the best of luck.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • October, 24, 2014

    Free vacations and free raffle tickets for donors and birthday kids!

    If your birthday is in the month of October, November or December you will get a third participation as birthday gift if you buy 2 regular participation, each for only 49,- Euro.
    You only need to enter your date of birth during the registration and have paid until 18 November.

    You don´t have birthday in this quarter of the year, but you would like to donate 13,- Euro for the poor people in our region?
    For your payment of 111,- Euro (98,- for 2 participations and the donation of 13,- Euro) no later than November 18th you will also receive a third participation free of cost.

    It is furthermore up to revocation at this point my offer of 26 September. For only 78,- Euro you get 2 accommodation vouchers and two raffle tickets for the mayor prize.

    I hope for many participants, so before Christmas the great property with pool can be passed to the winner.
    Best regards, and a lot of luck!
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • September, 26, 2014

    Now for a short time only 39,- Euro per participation

    The end of my third house raffle is near and I would like to thank all the participants and helpers.

    During the last "4-for-3-action" I received many emails from interested parties, who complained about the fact that only at a relatively high use of 147,- Euro, with buying 3 participations can receive a fourth for free.

    Well it's not like that you simply will only participate on a house raffle here, because you can use the acquired participations for very inexpensive Individual Caribbean vacation.
    It seems, however, take part in many of my house raffle, without wanting to take advantage of the holiday vouchers at all.
    For me that is very sad, because who does not spend time here on Samana with real individual holidays (I'm not talking about "all-inclusive for-Everyone") will miss something really wonderful in his life.
    In particular, the age group 30-65 years is highly enthusiastic and most come back.

    Nevertheless, I would like to meet the many requests for a smaller investment at a bargain price now.
    Immediately my offer "two participations for only 78,- Euro" starts and continues untill stopped with new notice here or all are sold.
    I hope this will be well ahead of the for the end of November planed draw date.

    You can still buy single participations for the price of 49,- Euro, but you will get two of them for only 78,- Euro.
    I hope hereby to come now all those opposed, who could not attend to my advantage actions due to the previously higher total price.

    All those who wish to secure longer vacation and a higher chance of winning, can display the current listing of course multiple use (4 participations for 156,- Euro, 6 for 234,- Euro, etc.).

    Best wishes, good luck and great dream vacations wishes
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • August, 23, 2014

    End of special actions "4 participations for the price of 3"
    and "one week Caribbean vacation to win"

    As announced, the current special actions in which you get 4 tickets for the price of three and every 50th lot number wins one weeks free Caribbean vacation now will stop because the end of my third house raffle is near.

    This offer is no longer used for payments received after September 5, 2014 and then it is only possible to buy participations for the regular price of 49,- Euro per participating without extra winning chance.
    Who again would like to benefit from this recent special actions has only a few days to buy.
    I wish all participants the best of luck for the mayor prize

  • July, 25, 2014

    Last chance for discounted participations "4 for the price of 3" and
    the additional extra chance of one week free Caribbean vacation for 2 people

    As the number of lots are running out and the for November planned Main Draw Date is getting closer, shortly I quit the still current special action.

    The advantage of action to obtain 4 participationss with the simultaneous acquisition of 3 participations apply only 4 more weeks.
    Likewise, the additional extra chance of one week free vacation for every 50 assigned lot number (all lot numbers with the final number 00 and 50) there is no more after that.

    Those who want to enjoy the advantage of price, for 147,- Euro instead of 3 participations to obtain 4, and at the same time even the super-extra-chance of better than 1:13 receive one week free Caribbean vacation for two persons, they have to hurry now.

  • May, 18, 2014

    Less than 37,- Euro per participation,
    and every 50th lot wins one week Caribbean vacation

    Since the two weeks Caribbean vacation were not won on the last special draw, from now on until further notice I spend several Caribbean vacations.
    Immediately all lot numbers ending with the numbers 50 and 00 wins automatically one week Caribbean vacation for 2 people and additional 7 free lots for the main draw of the dream property with pool, which I still want to organize this year.
    And in addition is valid until revoked a 4-for-3 discount. Who acquires 3 participations simultaneously receive a fourth for free. This corresponds a price of less than 37,- Euro per participation, what has caused solely by the accommodation voucher a value of 50,- Euro each.
    Now let's see if we will not have a new propperty-winner of my caribbean-house-raffle before next Christmas.
    Best regards from the Samaná Peninsula in the Caribbean
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • May, 3, 2014

    Unfortunately we have no winner of the todays special draw.
    Today's drawing of the German Lotto 6 of 49 took place in the following order:
    35, 41, 14, 40, 34 and 2
    There is noch ceck sum of one of the lot numbers given out in this special action, what is the same as one of this drawn lotto numbers.
    This does not mean that the special prize will not be awarded.
    I'll come up with an idea and I will inform you here about it.
    Kind regards
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • April, 30, 2014

    The special draw for the 2 weeks free Caribbean vacation plus 14 free tickets to my house raffle takes place with the Saturday draw of the German Lotto 6 of 49 on May 3rd 2014.
    I wish good luck for this extra drawing next Saturday.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • April, 01, 2014

    This is no April-Joke!
    Now there are two weeks free Caribbean vacation for 2 people AND 14 (fourteen) free lots!

    This is the from now on valid Easter action at my house raffle:
    In these pages is hidden an Easter Bunny.
    Whoever finds it has good chances to the 2 weeks of free Caribbean vacation for 2 people and the 14 lots for my house raffle.
    The number which the Easter Bunny tells you when you show with the mouse on it, simply enter in the action field in your registration, and you are in the special raffle with your lots.
    At the end of April / beginning of May I will raffle out the 2 weeks Caribbean vacation for 2 people.
    And in addition the winner will get 14 free lots for my house raffle.
    The winner will be determined again from the german lotto 6-of-49. I admit at this point known in advance, which Lotto draw (on what date) applies for the winner determination.
    As in earlier special draws wins the participant with the lot number, whose check sum (the sum of the digits of the lot number) as the first matches with a drawn lotto ball.
    In case if 2 or more participants has a lot number with the same winning check sum, the first award win.

    Also applicable from now on until to the special is the 4-for-3 offer.
    Purchase 3 participations at the same time and you get a fourth for free.
    And all the four lot numbers take part in the special draw, provided you have the Easter Bunny found and when you register bunny´s number specified in the action field.

    Search now the Easter Bunny and register soon to secure your super opportunities.
    I wish all participants good luck.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • March, 31, 2014

    Very good news

    The validity of the holiday vouchers, those obtained with the participation to my house raffle have been extended for 2 years
    They can be redeemed now through December 2016.
    So everyone will find opportunity probably to redeem them.

    I wish everyone a wonderful holiday in Samana.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • March, 29, 2014

    We have a new special-prize-winner of "one week caribbean vaccation for 2 person" plus 7 free tickets for the main draw.

    Once again, it was the German Lotto numbers, which have determined the winner of our special draw.
    Today it was the Lotto ball with the number 24, what fell first on a check sum on one of the participating lots, and determined the winner.

    Here are the Lotto numbers in the order of draw:
    24, 20, 11, 8, 7 and the 5

    The winner is Mr. Martin Hoelbling from Muerzhofen in Austria. I congratulate warmly also about the also gained 7 free lots and wish wonderful Caribbean vaccation.
    For everyone else, the consolation remains, that it was just a special draw today that has been won by Mr. Hoelbling.
    The main draw is still pending, and I wish good luck for all of you.
    I still have participations for sale.
    Who still could not decide to participate, you have to accessing now.
    With only 1 lot you have a super chance of 1:1999, more than ten thousand times higher chance of winning like on the jackpot of the german Lotto.
    With 2 lots doubled the chance on better than 1:1000.
    Do it now, before all lots are sold.
    Good luck and kind regards to all participants and interested parties
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • March, 23, 2014

    On Saturday, 29th of March 2014, the winners will be raffled!

    Up to 10 winners, each of 1 week Caribbean Vaccation for 2 Persons and 7 aditional chances to win the home with pool by the main draw!
    The lottery numbers of the German Lotto block will determine the winners.
    The owners of lot numbers whose sum of digits at first is one of the drawn lotto numbers are the winners.
    And because different lot numbers may have the same sum of digits, there are 10 of the same prizes to win.
    In such case wins each owner of this lot numbers.
    In case if more than 10 owners has lot numbers with the same winning sum of digits, winning will the 10 owners of the first awarded (smallest) lot numbers.
  • The participating lot numbers are the numbers with the following sum of digits (may be more until next Saturday):
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27
    Until the 28th of March 2014 also works the 4-for-3-offer. Purchase 3 participations in one time together and you get a fourth free of cost.
    And also until the 28th goes on:
    Each 10th lot number (each number with the last digit CERO) wins another participation free of cost.
    For that please hurry and buy one or more participations of my caribbean-house-raffle in this week.
    I wish you good luck for the spcial-raffle next Saturday.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • February, 14, 2014

    We triple the winning-prizes and prolong the chance of winning !

    The action of January, which was promoted for ending in February, will be extended until about the middle of March.
    Instead of 3 x one week Caribbean vacation for 2 persons and 3 x 7 lots for the main draw now the vacation for two plus 7 lots for the main draw can be won up to 10 times, depending on how many participants have a winning lot.

    How it works:

    Participate will automatically each lot number, which is given out between January 1st and the special drawing in March.
    In March will be announced a few days before, which draw (the draw date ) of the German Lotto 6 of 49 determine the winner.
    There will win all participants (maximum 10 participants), who have received a lot number in the months of January, February and March, whose sum of the digits is at first one of the with the special raffle drawn lotto numbers.

    Until this special draw also works the 4-for-3-offer. Purchase 3 participations at the same time and you get a fourth free of cost.

    And also applies until the special draw in March: Every tenth lot number wins a free participation (all lot numbers with the last digit CERO).

    I wish good luck for all my participants.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • January, 4, 2014

    Special raffle in February!
    Throughout the month of January there is to win 3 times one week Caribbean vacation "for two" and 3 times 7 lots of the caribbean-house-raffle!

    And there are even more benefits during this time:

    A) Buy 3 participations at the same time, and you´ll get an additional, fourth participation for free (4-for-3).

    B) Every tenth assigned lot number (all participations with the final digit zero) gets an additional free participation.

    C) Among all between 1st of January 2014 and the special raffle in February out given lot numbers will be played out 3 x one week caribbean holiday for 2 persons and 3 x seven lots of my house raffle.

    The lottery numbers of the German Lotto block will determine the winner/s. The owner of the lot number whose sum of digits at first is the same like one of the drawn lotto numbers is the winner.
    And because different lot numbers may have the same sum of digits, there is 3 times the same prize to win, so that in such case wins each of this lot numbers. In case if more than 3 lot numbers has the same winning sum of digits, winning will the first awarded (smallest) lot numbers.
    I will let you know here what Lotto draw in February (at what date) will determine the winner/s, so that everyone can see "live" the special draw.

    I wish you all a Happy New Year with much health, happiness and satisfaction.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • December, 14, 2013

    Only 10 days left until Christmas
    For my house raffle participants and all people in the world,
    I wish you a merry christmas and for the new year good health, love and happiness.
    These are probably the most important things in the world that are not for sale.
    A wise man once said:
    "When our age goes higher, the number of our desires goes smaller."
    But these three are probably always there, and I wish it for you with all my heart.

    You cann´t buy luck, but with each participation of my house raffle you extend your potential Caribbean stay and increase your chance of winning the main prize.

    And for my participants, who already have one or more participations, the commitment of my last report of 25 November is still valid until 31.12.2013:
    One free participation for everyone!
    Enter in the Action box of your registration one of your existing lot numbers, and you´ll get an additional participation free of cost, regardless of whether you purchase one or more.

  • November, 25, 2013

    Good and bad news, the bad at first:

    With all my efforts and special offers, also with my last sprint action I couldn´t sell enough tickets, that the minimum of 1500 were sold.
    But when I think that my raffle is running only about half a year and the silly summer season also was in this short time, to reach as last sold lot number near by 1000, that is real good.
    But with the corrent sale status the draw can not take place right now. I think it will take place around the Easter time.
    Of course I give the date here at this point known when it´s fixed.

    That was the bad news. Now the good one:

    As a small compensation for the longer waiting time for my third house raffle, all previous participants receive one participation free of cost with their next buying of one or more participations, if the order and payment will be done in this year.
    You only need by registration to enter one of your existing ticket numbers in the Action field.
    This offer can be used by each participant only one time, not multiple times.
    Now I wish all participants and interested persons a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year with a lot of luck.
    Best Regards,
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • November, 8, 2013

    From now on and only until Friday, 22nd of November I have aggain a great tripple power action:

    4 participations for the price of 3
    AND aditional to many free lots
    also some 1 week Caribbean vacations,
    each including 7 free lots to the main prize.

    1. 4 participations for the price of 3 for everybody.
    If you order 3 participations at the same time, you´ll get a fourth participation free of cost as a gift.

    2. Every 10th lot wins a free participation for the main prize.
    All lots with the last digit 0 wins a free participation including 1 lucky ticket for winning the main prize.

    3. Every 50th lot wins one week Caribbean vacation + 7 free lots to win the main prize.
    All lots with the final number 00 and 50 wins a "LongStay & 7win package" what is 7 nights free vacation and aditional 7 more lots for winning the main prize.

    Seize the opportunity with this triple super chance.

    The las opportunity is until Friday 22nd of November 2013.

    I wish good luck for everyone.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • September, 18, 2013

    The summer break is over - now there's again a great power action:
    4 participations for the price of 3 AND 1 week Caribbean vacation including 7 free lots to the main prize

    A) Each 10th lot wins a free participation to the main prize.

    B) Each 50th lot wins one week Caribbean vacation + 7 free lots to the main prize.

    C) 4 participations for the price of 3 for everybody.

    On my pages I have hidden in two different places a lucky pig. Find both, put the mouse on them and add the numbers that are hidden behind the lucky pigs. The sum of the two numbers you enter when registering for participation in the field "action-code". Anyone who has entered the correct amount on registration and acquires one or more participation/s can win.

    a) Every 10th lot (lots with the last digit 0) wins a free participation including 1 lucky ticket for winning the main prize.

    b) Every 50th lot (lots with the final number 00 and 50) wins a "LongStay & 7win package" what is 7 nights free and 7 other lots for winning the main prize.

    c) Anyone who wants, regardless of whether he discovered the two lucky pigs on my sites independently or not, will get a 4th participation for free if he buys 3 at the same time.
    With the lucky pigs of course he also has the winning-chance on the two above written special-prizes.

    Seize the opportunity with this well last special action. Soon it´s over.
    This special offer is valid only until October 20th 2013.
    I wish the best of luck for everyone.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • July, 6, 2013

    Again we have a special prize winner!

    I am pleased to present once again the lucky winner of a special prize from my house raffle.
    The number 11 was the first drawn Lotto ball, what comes to one of the checksumms of the participating lots.
    Mr. Boehme from Hamburg had the luck with his on 13th of June buyed participation, what now is the winning lot number.
    My heartiest congratulations to the won 1-week free Caribbean vacation for 2 people and 7 additional lot numbers for my main drawing in November, when will played out the wonderful apartment with pool.

    There are still participations for sale.
    Simply register on this site and order for only 49,- Euro each Your Caribbean Vacation coupons with lucky tickets.
    Each one is a free caribbean night in wonderful holiday ressorts of Samana and contains one of only 1999 lot numbers to win the dream property.

  • July, 5, 2013

    The checksums of the participating lots:

    Like everytime before the raffle here are the checksums of the participating lot numbers.
    They are:
    8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 und 22.
    And now I wish good luck for tomorrow.

  • July, 4, 2013

    On Saturday is special drawing!

    The special action with the old german D-Mark is finished.
    With the german Lotto numbers at 6th of July someone will win 2 weeks caribbean vaccation for 2 persons free and aditional 7 lots for my main draw in November.
    Of course you can always register at my homepage and buy participations for my house raffle.
    I wish for all a lot of fun with my caribbean-house-raffle and of course good luck.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • June, 12, 2013

    Find an old German One-Mark-Coin and get 49,- Euro

    To bring again some movement in my house raffle I have hidden in my pages another old, german 1-D-Mark-Coin like this here beside.
    Who will find it and moves the mouse over it gets the 49,-Euro-Code and notice, how to proceed further.

    And everyone who takes part in this game can win a lot more in July.

    Because in July takes place again a special raffle, where is to win 1 free week in the caribbean for 2 persons and aditional 7 lots for my main draw to win the property in the caribbean.

    I wish you much fun by playing and of course good luck.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • May, 25, 2013

    Mrs. Ganslmeier from Munich had the best start in my house raffle.

    With her acquired on May 4th 2013 lot number, their check sum 23 was the one what at first compares with one of the drawn german Lotto balls on Saturday, May 25th 2013, she won 7 free nights for 2 person in a wonderful caribbean holiday accommodation and additional 7 free tickets for the main draw in November 2013. My heartiest congratulations.

    As of now, any such gain is also available for purchase it. For the special price of only 299,- Euro you get the "Long Stay & 7win" package consisting of 7 free nights in the most beautiful individual holiday resorts on Samana and additional 7 lot numbers to win the main prize of my third house raffle in November 2013.

    Spend your holiday with us and get to know one of the 10 most beautiful regions of the world and the people there to know it how it really is. Not from the totally distorted view of an all-inclusive-resort. See and feel it close - from person to person. I guarantee you a wonderful experience and an even better dream vacation.

    I wish all my participants wonderful holidays and best of luck for my third house raffle.
    Your Franz Duennebier

  • April, 2, 2013

    My third caribbean-house-raffle just started!

    Right now my third caribbean-house-raffle with the main prize of a property in paradise with garden and pool has begun.
    This time with less than 2000 appearances (only 1999 lot numbers), from whitch until the draw only 1500 must be sold.
  • Because of this very small necessary sales number I set the date of drawing very nearby: It will be the 27th of November 2013.
  • Of course, I keep in my already twice successful approach for 49, - Euro to get one night free holiday accommodation for 2 persons including a free lot number for the main prize.
    In any case you can use the free accomodation until December 1st 2014 in a few selected individual resorts in Samana, which are located near the beach with large pool and at least 3star standard.
  • Of course you can increase your chance of winning by purchasing multiple participations, and the contained accommodation vouchers can be used together for a longer dream-vacation to the most beautiful part of the Caribbean.
    Because of the very small ammount of lot numbers, which are certainly sold out very quickly, I don´t plan any special promotions with intermediate draws like my last caribbean-house-raffle.
    However, for my "participants of the first hour" I have a special offer: up to May 15th there is every fourth lot a free lot!
    Also there is a special draw at the end of May among my "participants of the first hour" where you have the possibility to win one week of Caribbean-Vacation for 2 persons.
    The winner of this special draw will also receive 7 additional free lot numbers for the main drawing.
    How it works:
    Type in your registration in the field of action "4 for 3", and if you purchase 3 participations simultaneously, you´ll get a fourth participation for free.
    So don´t wait, sign up right now and get your free additional participation and the additional chance of winning.
    All the best wishes for all partcipants and an exciting third caribbean-house-raffle and of course good luck.
    Yours, Franz Duennebier

  • November, 29, 2012
    It's done!
    Despite very difficult circumstances, several power outages and very poor internet connection in Samana my drawing was broadcasted live.
    The partial pad quality of picture and sound I apologize.
    But an online live event at Samana is not comparable with European or American quality standards.
    Who know the Dominican Republic, especially Samana, certainly understand this.
    I would like to thank all participants, especially for all the lovely emails that I have received last night and today.
    All who didn´t win I strongly advise to use their vaccation tickets.
    Take a look, for example at
    and feel the pure Caribbean.
    Shure you will not regret such a vacation, because this is really a true little paradise.
    Maybe we'll meet again next year, in the third house-raffle-caribbean?
    No, this should not be an announcement.
    But who knows what the time will bring ...


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Due to the economic situation it becomes more and more difficult for a house owner to receive a reasonable price. So the house raffle idea was created. The house raffle is a simple principle. Many give only a little and one of them wins a house in a raffle. The first house raffles were already finished successfully after a few days and also further house raffles have ended after a rather short time by drawing the winner. With good ideas as for example the house raffle crises can be overcome. House raffles do currently not only exist in Austria, in Germany (as a lottery), Spain, Greece, and England, but also in the Caribbean and the US. The house raffle in Majorca recently showed a winner. In the house raffle Caribbean the super winning chance is 1:3999, with a six in the lottery 1:15000000 (1:15 millions).