Rules and process for the "coupons with lucky ticket"

The information mentioned here are part of the participation

  1. By sending the registration each participant declares to agree with the rules and information being published on this site and to fulfil the entry rules.

  2. After registration each participant will immediately, at least within 24 hours by e-mail receive a 10 digit code consisting of letters and numbers being at the same time the confirmation of registration. Together with this code he receives the bank connection(s) or payment possibilities for the payment of the „holiday voucher/s with lucky ticket“. Due to the partly very high European costs for bank transfers out of Europe there is an additional bank account for payment for the participants out of the European Union, which only functions as a transfer account as a support to save the high transfer costs.

  3. After receipt of the personal identification code which has to be stored (together with your name and your coupon resp. ticket number it will service as accommodation voucher) the purchase price should be transferred quickly, at the latest on the third working day after receipt of the 10 digit identification code. This can be 49,- Euro or a multiple from this, according to the numbers of “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” being desired (1 coupon/accommodation + winning chance 1:1999 = 49,- Euros, 2 coupons/accommodation + winning chance 1:1000 = 98,- €, 3 coupons/accommodation + winning chance 1:666 = 147,- €, etc.) As reason for transfer only the sent 10 digit code is mentioned and it should be given clearly legible and without blanks.

  4. Incorrect transfers, for examples due to illegible or wrong code as existing use may not be allocated with coupon respectively ticket numbers. As far as a clarification can not take place before the termination of the raffle these payments will be refunded subject to a deduction of 9,- Euro after the drawing. If a refund is not possible due to wrong or incomplete account data (search cannot be done due to effort and cost intensity) the corresponding amount will be given for a charitable purpose to support persons in need in the region.

  5. Important !!! With the stating of the 10-digit code the sum for the purchase of several “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” can be transferred, however the code cannot be used for a further, second transfer. If a participant decides to purchase further “holiday coupons with lucky ticket after the transfer he has to register again, receives a new 10-digit identification code and can, stating this, make a new transfer for any number of “holiday coupons with lucky ticket”.

  6. After the payment has been received on the notarially supervised account the participant receives a number between 1 and 1999 for each 49,- Euro paid according to the total amount. Each number will be only be rewarded once. These number/s are the coupon number(s) and at the same time the number(s) of your lucky ticket(s).
    Registrations within the last 48 hours before the draw are binding and apply to those in the registration indicated number of participants. The inducement of payment must be submitted immediately after the registration. Assigned lot numbers which payment is made only after the win-ticket numbers are public are not valid and the corresponding gain no claim. Here is not important the time of payment arriving (which can also be after the draw), but the time on which the payment was initiated (eg, online ordering to the bank).

  7. The drawing is planned to be on Wednesday, November 27th 2013. If not all 1999 “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” should be given out by then, the drawing date can be changed for about 6 month later. If the drawing cannot take place at this date either the drawing date will be changed for a last time and the new date will be published on our web site.

  8. At this final date the drawing is also taking place if not all “holiday coupons with lucky ticket” will be sold.

  9. The drawing will only not take place due to force majeure or other, not foreseeable acts (i.e. war, earthquake, death of the owner/organizer, changes in law, purchase of less than 50 % of the “holiday coupons with lucky ticket”, etc.) Unaffected from this the coupons for accommodation will remain their validity. Those who do not want to keep their coupon(s), receives an extraordinary right to exchange and can have the coupons being cancelled within one week after cancellation of the drawing indicating the personal registration dates and coupon respectively ticket numbers via e-mail. He/she will be retransferred the purchase price for each holiday voucher deducting 9,- Euro operating costs for each. With the remittance the corresponding coupons will not be valid any more.
    Supplement from 20th of March 2017:
    Due to a Hecker attack our site was offline in early 2017.
    Since we can not guarantee out the possibility that such an attack will be repeated, which in an extreme case could lead to a successful draw-off, we ask all participants who do not wish to use their vouchers for this case or for another cancellation of the raffle, to notify to us your conversion requests required for such a case, stating all your coupon numbers which may need to be exchanged and your bank account details within 3 weeks from today's date.
    You will then get in such a case without having to do anything else automatically a corresponding refund.
    For exchange-wishes without coupon numbers and/or bank details or not declared to us exchange-wishes in the next 3 weeks and newly acquired holiday vouchers after the present date, there is no right of exchange in casa of cancellation or non-termination of the raffle.
    The validity of all holiday vouchers of this third caribbean-house-raffle will be extended in this context until December 1st 2018.

  10. During the drawing taking place under notarial supervision and being shown online per video on this site to which also the press will be invited a 4 digit number (between 0001 and 1999) will be drawn among all numbers having been alloted. The winner will be published on our web site. Additionally he will be informed via e-mail.

  11. The drawing will be done publicly under presence of a notary and the press and also be shown online per video on our web site. Similar to the Dominican “Lotteria Nacional” and as with our first and second house drawings on the 31st of January 2010 the winning number will be drawn out of 4 transparent boxes. There is one box with balls for each number of the 4 digit winning number, containing the numbers which cannot be seen from outside to get the winning number. One after another one number of the 4-digit winning number is drawn. In the box for the thousands there are only four balls. 2 with the numbers ZERO and also 2 with the number ONE, as the winning number can be smaller than 1000 and not higher than 1999. In the other 3 boxes each 10 balls with the numbers ZERO to NINE can be found. If the drawing determines the non-existing winning number 0000 a new winning number will be drawn. The resulting 4 digit number is the winning number which owner is the owner of the raffle object. Within 4 weeks after announcement of the winner on the web site and after the personal information by mail by notary and organizer the winner has to register for the price. If he does not the price will lapse and there will be a second drawing of another winner after a new announcement and information. All participants declare to agree that, as far as they are the winner of the house being raffled here, their name and if applicable also pictures may be published.

  12. After the termination of the formalities the clear object will be given to the new owner. Appointments for the formalities, conveyance and handing over of the house are coordinated with the according interests of the winner, whereas the winner has to make this possible within one year.

  13. There will be no otherwise usual costs for the conveyance as land transfer tax, notary fees, etc. as all according costs will be financed by the organizer, as well as the costs for the conduction of the total event.

  14. The house is generally in a good condition corresponding to an age of 9 years (see house description) and can always be inspected according to prior agreement.

  15. All participants agree that possibly legally forbidden parts of the rules, conditions of participations and information are replaced by such which are legally allowed and come nearest to the sense and purpose of the original.

  16. The raffle being arranged here is done without bet comparable to “winning numbers in Coke-lids”, “Monopoly with Mc Donalds” or the different generally known competitions. The total event, the point of sale of the “holiday coupons with lucky ticket”, the raffle, and the raffle object, the house are irreversible in the Dominican Republic. Dominican law is valid. Place of jurisdiction is Samana, Dominican Republic. The legal proceedings are barred.


Data protection:

The whole process of this event from registration of the participants to the drawing of the winner until the redemption of the coupons takes place by using technical possibilities to make a ‘listening’ into data nearly impossible. After the transfer of the raffle object to the winner and the refunding of invalid payments all data of the participants will be irrecoverably deleted. Only the necessary data for the redemption of the accommodation coupons will be stored and after the end of all validities also be deleted.


The concept of house raffles is relatively new but very promising. As the advantage for house raffles respectively the raffle of an estate as villa, house or apartment is clearly at hand. The ‘run’ has just begun. With some house raffles the tickets has been sold already after a few days. Up to now only some insiders can benefit from the offer of the house raffles as press and TV only rarely report about them. However already today it is clear that it is impossible to imagine the future without house raffles. Already our first house drawing-Caribbean which took place on the 31st of January and as the first house drawing was broadcasted live on-line, has created new standards and given a good example for more transparency with such drawings.